Dear Guests here are some recomandations you should folow during your stay at Villa Roza Murter.

The villa is carefully cleaned and disinfected before your arrival.

Upon your arrival pls remove your shoes and leave them in front of the main entrance or at the back terace.Pls use the slippers which are awailable at the shoe rack in the lobby, then desinfect your hands with hand sanitizer.Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds after returning from public areas or from the city.The refill of liquid soap is below the kitchen sink.Use the UVC light sanitizer placed in the kitchen below the stove, for desinfection of keys , mobile phones or remote controlers.If You are going out pls mantain social distancing and wear masks in indore areas such as shops and grocery stores.

In case you identify any symptoms that are similar to the mild flu-like symptoms, such as: fever, cough, shortness of breath, muscle pain and fatigue, or you had a close contact with a confirmed or suspected case of coronavirus infection, immediately call your hosts and inform them about your concernsDescribe your symptoms and follow their advice.If you need imediate medical help or advise releted to COVID 19 we suggest calling by phone before going to the doctor's office.

Here are doctors and epidemiologist adress and phone number in case you want any medical advice.

Šibenik, Prilaz tvornici 37 (ambulance building "TEF" across the football stadium and ex bowling alley Metalac), contact phone ++385 91 2275110, 24 hours/7 days a week.


                                                                                                                                                  Villa Roza Murter

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07.03 | 11:22

Dear Gulay,
Sorry but we are allready booked for those dates.
Best regards,

07.03 | 10:29

Iyi günler, 17 ve 23 Temmuz arası, 5 kişi için denize yakın konut arıyoruz. Yardımcınız okurmusunuz lütfen. Saygılar

10.02 | 08:16

Is your villa available for two families with two adults and two kids each one?
Thanks a lot

15.09 | 11:33

How much per day po.transient house po ba ito